away for a while


halo haii everybody ! i'll go to kl this evening ;) hope you guys will tc yourself yahh ! haha ~ nothing much to say actually. yesterday, i went out with my brothers & sister for watching HARRY POTTER final chapter part 1. weeeeee ~ what an awesome muvie ryte ! yeahh, i knew mybe all of you had been watching HP earlier than me ryte? haha ;P actually i'm just finished my exam last week, thats why laa we all watch it lil bit late. huhu ~ it doesnt matter. huhuhu. credit to my brother > aqiel ! tengs for the pizza ! hahaha ;D & abah for give us some sponsor. kihkihkih ~ thank you. & for the sure i love you, bcoz you're my FAMILY ! weeeeeee ~ till then, farewell ! TC ~ wassalam >.<

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