let me tell yah bout a girl

sincerely said that, i've never met her face to face. first time we met in myspace & i forgot who added who. hahaha. but it doesn't matter. she's nice girl ! heee ~ walaupon xpenah jmpe, kami mcm dh baik sgt. cmne nk gtw ehh? baik laa. hahaha. she lives in johor & i'm kedah. huuuu ~ utara ngn selatan, thats why hard for us to meet each other. nadia, kalo ndia dpt smbung blaja kt belah utara, for sure la kite bley jumpe. insya Allah :) kalo ade rezeki ade laa. kan? hee ! love you sister ! jalinan persaudaraan tidak mengira tempat. aceceehhh. heheheh :DD

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