thank you Allah

 day before my birthday

thnks Allah bcause You made me happy today. yesterday, my lil brother called me with his cute voice ( really mishh him ! ). he said that he missed me and asked when i'll be back home? i said, i'm on exam rite now & will be back on 25/11. i forgot or i cant heard clearly he said that he had a dreamed on me. woohhh ! adik mmg la tebaekk. haha. if he didnt dreamed on me, he wont called me for sudden ! ahaha :D & then if i'm not mistaken, he said that : nti hri jadi kakak yea??. it must be my mom told him. hahah. love you aiman + azriel too. aiman said azriel was sleeping that tyme. hee ~

2nd story was about my bestie ever after ! wooahhh ! after a long long very long time i'd never heard bout her news, today my brother sent me her phone num. he said that dayah tried to call me but never reached my phone. yoo laaa, i'd changed my number so many times kot ! hahaha :DD we've lot of story to tell each other but myb just on fb laa. she's now studying at UiTM shah alam. huhhh ~ dayah you mai sini ok ! kau la kwn ak sejak ak lahir beb ! heee T_T she's my best best best friend ! my first friend ! we were fren since we were a little girl ! oohh my ! miss youuuuuuuuu ~~

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