am i wrong?

salah x?? if skrg ak ckp, ak still xde identiti sbnr? sumthng that can make people know/ remember me. ohh, not like that lar actually. hahah ;D i'm not an artist wright? nor singer neither an actress. hahaha ;D ppl just know me for who i am. wokehh machaa? haha ;P sbnrnye camnie al kisah dunia fesyen. kuikuikuikui....ehh, xslhla if you all nk dress up cmne pon. its all totally UP TO YOU. k? jgn marah2 i nohh. weeeeee ~

i wanna find out sumthng that can suit me in compliance with Islamic law. when we talk bout fashion, there're lot of fashion we could find everywhere. merata2 sioddd ! huhuhu ~ mind if i mix with malay-english? like i care if u wanna said anythng. ehh x x, hgpa baik2 nohhh xkata kt org en? weheheheh ~ but the problem is, i want sumthing that fulfill what Islam suggest especially to muslimah. yg menutupi aurat. ok, i knew, 75% of my clothes were totally not like what Islam taught us, like what our Prophet taught us. kite sume tahu, xleh pakai ketat2, jarang2, tudung lepas dr paras dada. dgn fashion yg mmg lah cntik rekaan manusia nie, byk yg xmenepati syariat Islam. & i think i wanna make some changes on myself. only if i can. Allah, help me.

abg ak pon pesan & kritik mcm2 la if ak pakai tudung xmelepasi tahap dada. i wanna changed. i try. shawl sume cntek tp jarang, kalo nak sgt pkai pon myb ak akn pakai jenis yg TAK jarang && buleh labuh2 kan. please do not condemn me afta this post ok ;) i'm trying to change my self & i'm not changing anybody else. if you want to change to be better then Praise be to Allah, alhamdulillah ~ i just felt so confuse on myself. when i'd read lot of articles bout muslimah, "aurat", & etc. ohh Allah, why all these things always played in my head? i still wondering. WHY?

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