d'Rainbow Closet Big December Giveaway!!!!

come and join this GA ! awesome !

header saje dh cumeyyll ! ape tah lagi content dlm2 nye, brg2 dye, sume besttt. yg pntg GA pny hdiah best wookkk ! hahahahhaa. mai pakat2 maiii ~ hahaha

ini antara brg yg sy shukkkeee ! weeee :drainbowcloset.blogspot

B 8038 -Brown Available

B 8038  -Dark Brown

H 22cm x L 24cm x W 9cm
Sling Bag with adjustable belting

To order Msg 013-6115345 kod: Beg vintage Anytime........

SIMPLE JUST NICE lahh weyyy ! hahahaa. shuke nyeeeeeeee ~


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