lagi lagi contest !

tiada paksaan pon dlm menyertai contest ini > 

peace contest


join and have fun that's all ! huhuhu ~

for more info just click on the link above or click on the contests & GA on my sidebar yahh !

here's the peace picture of MINE >,<

ok, this was totally me ! no editing ! its original ! i swear ! hahahaha :)
this picture had been taken on 12 NOV 2010. it was my birthday ! tengs my BABYs GFs !
the pic's name is > lukenaabebbb !  ok mungkin tidak, huhuhu. tp buleh gak la sbb mase kena nie, dyrg ramai2 cakap LUKENAAABEBB ! dr situ lah tercetusnye. hehhh ~
itu saja bebelan dr sayer ! ahahahhahaha ;D

i totally having fun in joining contest ! i want more ! wakakakaka ~

aha, time for tagging ! hahaha :DD syg syg syg, bergumbiralah mcm shaye ! wee :


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