lets learn and start to speak in english !

Madam Aisyah, are you retarded? you want to learn english so suddenly? WHY aisyah WHY? can you tell to all the readers, Why you wanna learn english & start to speak in english?

okay, basicly, i know english & need to learn it more deeper. bukanla bengap sgt. haha. i do understand what ppl saying when they are conversing in english but i cant speak  fluently. srious ok ! haha, but now ! i've too ! because i'd one paper in english. that is : issues of urbanization ! my lects 1 malay & the other one is an american. prof nab & prof gail. plus, my new classmates, half of them are Canadian ! omg ! how to cooperate? idk. others are Malaysian lah. huhu ~ but we need to cooperate with each other rite. plus, me, piqa & the other one kakak are handling our site visit ! i cant imagine how am i gonna talk to them. somewhat embarrassed. kalo slh dorg gelak x? haha.

btw, i'm now in level LSP300, need talks more in class ! ayooo ~ hope i'll be very calm & chill. hentam saje lah ! haha

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