"Ms & Mr Red Ribbon Tee Shirts Giveaway!"

special betol GA nie. 11 hadiah dye bg. amekkk kauu, ape lg, meh la join. hahahaha *ayat biase aku gune*. lalalalalala ~ come on bebeh ! 

okay, GA nie ade 3 kategori ye anak2 ! so buleh join sume kalo nak. tp 1 entry 1 kategori. huhuhu. 
utk nie, saye pilih  : COUPLE CATEGORY ! hahahahha :DD

i just copy paste these from redribbonboutique's GA . for more info, just click on it !

Material : Lycra alike and Jaring
Size : recommended for M-small L
Color : Black
Inner attached inside
Ribbon belt not included, can wear clincher if you want
RM 32 incl. shipping



Can fit S-small M
Mix with collar tee or just wear it like that with blazer.
Brand New.
RM20 incl. shipping

time for tagging ! mwahahahahaha ~

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