taday i'm joining this :

saje je join contest nie sbb best. aku nk citer pasal org yg benar benar aku CINTAI sampai ke syurga aku harap aku boleh berjumpa ngn beliau.

klik utk lihat ngn jelas *

ok, sorry to the owner of the contest, i just use an old pix because my mom was no longer with me & my family. i do love her & my family but no matter what, mother always on top of my heart. she passed away on 2001 and i keep on counting every year, how long she had left us. 10 YEARS ! i missed her so much ! i never felt a mother's love since she passed away. frankly said that sometimes, i'm badly in jealous posture when i saw my frens with their mother, their mother called them everyday, cooked for them, etc. but me? i just resignedly (pasrah). i try to be strong to face all these things. i think, i'm strong enough.

i joined this contest not just for win the prize but i wanna shared with everyone bout my beloved mother hereafter. i'm not putting a very high hope in winning this contest, i joined it for very sincerely. heyy bebeh, sorry for using english. I tried to get accustomed to use English lah. heee ~

that's all i think. thank you for reading ! :')

i tagged each one of you who are reading this entry ! yeahh YOU la sape lagi. haha :D


  1. thank join contest ni...
    nice post..
    semoga awak tabah yer??

    t jgn lupa follow my blog.
    senang klu nak tau klu ade
    update terbaru bout this contest..
    all da best dear!;)

  2. wee. makaceh, i'm strong enough to face this for 10 years before & till i die :)

  3. ecahhh tamo sedeyhh be seterong like tukul besi okayy :')

  4. yehhh YAYA ! aku KUAT sbb slalu mkn biskut TIGER. rawrrr ! haha


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