A-K-E-E-L-A-H and the bee

penah tgk x? huhu. mungkin cite bbrapa tahun lepas, tp tdy mase kt kelas LSP300, kitorg tgk cite nie and it was totally awesome ! pehhhh ! sedih ade bangge pon ade. cehhhh. its about a lil girl who has special capability to memorize the most difficult words and it was just like SPELL-IT-RIGHT (SIR). very amazing ! shuke shuke bangetttt ! hahahha ;) starting dye pon dh best dgn rap rap a-k-e ake, l-a-l-a, a-e akeelah. hahhaha. best la ak dgr rapping tuu. hahhaa. weeeeeee :) 


  1. tak pernah tengok... macam menarik ni :) nk google carik

  2. mesti tgk taw ! sbb mmg best sgt2 ! citer sal bdk kecik tp mmg syok. hahha


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