Tony Moly Lip Tint (small packaging)

(Liquid type tint which helps to express a lively color on lips) Contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Unlike lip gloss, lip tint is not thick or sticky but still makes your lips look gorgeous! Don't be put off by the how red the tint looks in the bottle! Lip tint actually gives your lips a nice, natural finish and makes them look... can't think of a better word besides juicy??

Price = RM14
Postage = RM6 SM, RM9 SS

any inquiries? do email us at saisyah_h@ymail.com


  1. how to order? what's your courier? and how much is SF? tnx

  2. hi jem ^^ oredy replied your email. kindly check ur inbox or SPAM box.

    i use POSLAJU & the SF is RM6 (SM), RM9 (sbh/srwk) TQ^^

  3. salam..

    warna red apple ade x? klu de email sy missekin90@yahoo.com


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