Lucky Followers ~ Saya mau hadiah

bebeh, i'd been invited by miszsheyla to join this segment/ contest/ GA / whatever we call it. haha. tengs babe ! here's the link if you wanna join too :

 what a cute banner bebeh ! love it ! :D

dear, if i won this, lets go & watch angelina jolie yah? huahua. she's really sexy isn't she? weee ~ but if not, i don't really mind. i just join this for fun and gave u a support lah dear. weeeee ~

By chance, I have joined this thing, let's get acquainted ok? lets start,
  • hi ! my name is siti aisyah
  • i'm 21y/o and was born in klang but now stay in sg.petani kedah
  • studying in Usm

how bout u bebeh??
huhu ~ i just take this opportunity to get closer with you. huhu ~ that's all. weeee ~
ok, nice to join ur "lucky followers" ! farewell ! weeeeeee


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