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first of all, tengs to sindarellamalaya for tagged me this award & myb she thought my blog is nice huh? how bout others? huahua ! this award was created by budakbotak, oh, tengs for created this bcoz now i know that my blog oso nice to look ! haha :DD really appreciate it lah !

i'd been tagged by her :  sindarellamalaya

the quetions are :

ok, i got this from sindarellamalaya la. tengs vm dearr ! i also loved ur blog lahh ! weee
(who got this from me, kindly linked to my blog, tq)

Name your blog and why put the name of that?
aha, aisyah' blog ! because this is truly MINE is't it?? haha. I'm more comfortable using my own name rather than using a different name. aisyah's blog means this blog is belong with me. huahua !

5 things that you love :
Small Mini Mobile Phone Icon cell phone !
Small Mini Banner Flag lappy !
Small Mini Shopping basket Icon shopping !
Small Mini Banner Flag ka-ching RM RM RM. huahua :D
Small mini Printer & Fax Icon blog-ing + fesbuking lah 1 package ! haha

5 things that you hate :
Small Mini Pen Icon book
Small Mini Banner Flag fat (i hate being fat)
* that's all i think. wakaka ~

i tagged them :

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